Porquis Agricultural Society, Porquis Ag Fall Fair, Horse Show, Porquis Junction,

CATTLE – Section “A”
Director:  Mona  Liznick

Prizes:  $20.00, $15.00, $10.00

General Rule 78.26

Where, under this part, a permit certificate or other document is required for the removal or transportation of an animal, the person having the care or custody of the animal shall, when requested to do so by an Inspector or Peace Officer appointed under the Act, produce the permit, certificate or other document.

Judged on THIS, THAT
and the UDDER


  1. Dairy heifer, 1 year and under 2 years
  2. Dairy cow
  3. Beef type heifer, under 1 year
  4. Beef type heifer, 1 year and under 2 years
  5. Beef type cow
  6. Beef type steer, under 1 year
  7. Beef type steer, 1 year and under 2 years
  8. Bull, under 1 year
  9. Junior showmanship in any of the above classes