Porquis Agricultural Society, Porquis Ag Fall Fair, Horse Show, Porquis Junction,

Section “I”
Director: Betty Dupuis

Prizes:  $4.00, $3.00, $2.00


President --Apple Pie

1st Vice -    6 Butter Tarts with raisins

2nd Vice --6 Peanut Butter Cookies


Yeast Breads and Rolls
Homemade – Not Machine
  • Cinnamon buns/rolls, with raisins
  • Loaf of white bread
  • Loaf of whole wheat bread
  • Three plain rolls or buns
  • Loaf of any bread, not mentioned
  • Largest loaf, by weight

Yeast Breads - Bread Maker
  • Loaf of white bread
  • Loaf of whole wheat bread
  • Cinnamon buns or rolls, with raisins
  • Three plain rolls or buns


Quick Breads & Muffins
  • Lemon loaf - glazed
  • Banana loaf
  • Pumpkin loaf
  • Date & nut loaf
  • Zucchini loaf
  • Any loaf not mentioned
  • Three tea biscuits
  • Three blueberry muffins
  • Three banana/chocolate chip muffins
  • Three carrot/pineapple muffins
  • Three cranberry muffins
  • Three zucchini muffins
  • Three muffins any kind, sugar free
  • Three muffins any kind, not mentioned
Cookies & Squares
  • Three chocolate chip cookies
  • Three peanut butter cookies
  • Three oatmeal raisin cookies
  • Three shortbread cookies
  • Three hermits
  • Three no-bake cookies
  • Three cookies any kind, sugar free
  •  Three  cookies not mentione
  • Three brownies, iced
  • Three date squares
  • Three squares any kind, sugar free
  • Three squares not mentioned
  • Three 1” pieces brown sugar fudge
  • Three  1” pieces chocolate fudge
  • Three 1” pieces of fudge, any knid
  • Three  donuts – any kind

  • Three butter tarts, plain
  • Rhubarb pie
  • Apple pie
  • Raisin pie
  • Blueberry pie
  • Any pie not mentioned

  • Carrot cake, iced
  • Coffee Cake
  • Any cake, not mentioned
  • Chocolate cake, two layers, chocolate icing
  • Fruit cake
  • Decorated Cake, single layer, judged on decoration

Rules & Requlations:
  1. All entries must submit entries that were made using the sponsor`s product.
  2. Robin Hood® “Family Favourite Recipe” and Robin Hood® “Family Best Lunchbox Snack” recipes must include the use of at least one Robin Hood® product
  3. Crisco® “Family Favourite Recipe” recipes must include the use of at least one Crisco® product
  4. All entries will be judged on appearance, texture, creativity of recipe and presentation, weighted equally. Decision of the fair judge(s) will be final.
  5. No proof of purchase is required.
  6.  A recipe must accompany each entry.

Winners must be available for a photograph to be submitted to the sponsor with their name, address and recipe. The winner must sign a permission form allowing the sponsor to use their name, photograph and recipe in any advertising or publicity without payment.

Country Fair Baking National Contests:
The first-place winner in each local fair is automatically entered in the national contests when their recipe and signed declaration and release form are submitted to Country Fair Baking by the local fair convenor. National prizes will be sent directly to the winner. By submitting an entry, which includes a signed release form, contestants agree to the use of their name and winning recipe for promotional purposes by the sponsor.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
 Anniversary Specials – in Anniversary colours (tones of yellow, green, brown  or Sunflower theme)

  1. Loaf of white bread, not machine
  2. Lemon Loaf, glazed
  3. Three butter tarts with raisins or nuts
  4. Decorated Cake, 9”X13” in anniversary colours and/or theme, judged on decoration only
  5. WAR CAKE, 9”X13”, recipe in Porquis Ag 100th Anniversary cookbook
 OAAS​​​​ Butter Tarts Competition
(includes raisins,
no nuts or fruit)

  1. Competition is open to all exhibitors.
  2. Entry must be made solely by the person entering the competition (including pastry).
  3. Five full size butter tarts (no minis or bite size), must be on a white paper plate inside a clear plastic bag.
  4. The winning entry will move on to the fall District meeting in October in Matheson and the winner from there will enter in the competition at the 2019 Convention in Toronto in February. 
 OAAS Plain Chocolate Chip
Cookie Competition (no nuts)

Contest is open to age 15 years (as of December 31 of current year)
One Class only
  • 6 plain chocolate chip cookies, with no nuts, not larger than 3” and no smaller than 2”
  • Must be displayed on a disposable plate in a Ziploc bag.
  • Winner will be eligible to enter at the District Competition in Matheson in October.
  • No ready mixes to be used in Section “I”
  • No icing, unless stated
  • No glazing on crusts
  • Baking should be 12 hours old
  • Exhibits must be on white biodegradable trays or plates, except cakes, bread and pies, NO STYROFOAM
  • Baking must be protected in clear plastic bags, or with plastic wrap
  • Cakes must be exhibited on sturdy cardboard squares, covered with foil or plastic wrap
  • Pies must be in 9” aluminum foil plates
  • No Cream Pies
  • Breads must be wrapped in plastic wrap or clear plastic bags
NOTE:  Rolls are not baked attached, buns are baked attached
     Please try to use suitable size plates and plastic bags.  Quantities have changed from six to three