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OAAS Photography Competition 2018 

Contest Objectives:

  1. To help publicize the activities of all Agricultural Societies and fairs in the OAAS.
  2. To create real pride in the creation of well-kept grounds and buildings.
  3. To encourage more attractive staging of exhibitions and displays.
  4. To educate and provide a source of pride in a community's development.
  5. To communicate new ideas to other Fairs.
  6. To contribute to a library of images for OAAS promotions.

Rules and Guidelines:
  1. Competition is open to each and every Agricultural Society.
  2. Each society may submit a CD of images, identifying each image by the category # only.
  3. Rename each image file with the class number and your fair name. (i.e. 14-Glencoe.jpg)
  4. Pictures must be taken in the current year.
  5. Photographers from your society must be volunteers or visitors. Images from hired Photographers cannot be submitted.
  6. Absolutely no digital image enhancing allowed. All enhanced photos will be disqualified
  7. Please do not use tape on CD's.
  8. Judging will be done by a committee approved by the chairman.
  9. Prize winning images will be shown and awards presented at the 2018 OAAS Convention.
  10. Prize money will be mailed to the winners following the convention.
  11. CD’s will not be returned.
  12. All 1st place images will become property of the OAAS.
  13. All entries must be mailed by your Society to the OAAS. No electronic submissions will be accepted.

Submitting images from your fair’s photo contest? If it’s a print, scan it to a JPEG file. If it’s a digital image, simple burn it to a CD with the rest of your society’s photo entries.

Entries from your fair society:
​​ALL entries by CD only are to be sent by December 1, 2018 to:

Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies, 1911 Foxboro-Stirling Rd.,
Stirling, Ontario
K0K 3E0

Special Agricultural Society Award:

Awarded to the Society scoring the most points in each category
1st--10 points
2nd--8 points
3rd--6 points
4th--4 points
5th--2 points

Grand Champion Plaque donated by Canadian National Exhibition
Junior Champion Plaque donated by Canadian National Exhibition---
cat. # 1, # 8, # 13
Glossary of Terms:
Digital imaging is the art of making digital photographs, or artwork - through the use of a digital camera or image capture device, or by scanning a print and saving as an image file.
Please note: Many fairs throughout the province offer this contest to their fair visitors/exhibitors, in order to create entries for the OAAS contest. This is encouraged and a great idea, as it helps promote your fair. Just remember, submit only one entry per category to the OAAS competition on behalf of your Society. Ask your photographers to send their images to your Society. One CD must be prepared by your Society and sent to the OAAS by the deadline.

Submitting images from your fair’s photo contest?
If it’s a print, scan it to a JPEG file. If it’s a digital image, simple burn it to a CD with the rest of your society’s photo entries.

All images are to be taken at your 2018 Fair.
Digital Images (images burned/saved onto CD)

Human Involvement
  1. Youth Participation---e.g.--exhibit/display/ribbons won/ etc.
  2. Adult/ Senior Involvement---e.g.--working/displays/enjoying your fair.
  3. Candid shot of people having fun at your fair.
  4. Candid shot of someone too pooped to participate anymore.
  5. Children at your fair.
  6. People with creatures and critters at your fair.
  1. Most unusual Display at your Fair--your idea--
  2.  4-H Involvement at your Fair--e.g.--livestock/ displays.
  3. Homecraft at your Fair--e.g.--displays/ demonstrations/etc.
  4.  Live Action Shows--e.g.--singers/pulls/demo's/something musical/ your fair at night.
  5.  Quilts/Handcrafts at your Fair --- from your viewpoint.
  6. Displays of Antiques.
  1. Livestock--e.g.--displays/shows/demo's.
  2. Pet Show--your interpretation of what you see.
  3. l Live Demo's---e.g.--blacksmith/sheep shearing etc.
  4.  Birds/Small Animals---e.g.--bird show/rabbits/etc.
  1.  Showing Fair Identification--e.g.—with displays/ribbons etc.
  2. Fair Ambassador Involvement--e.g.—with displays/ribbons etc.
  3.  What is this year’s fair theme?--e.g.--displays/signs etc.
  4. Advertising Your Fair – e.g. - photo showing a fair sign constructed of Agricultural Products including the Fair and the date. For example: a store window/store front/lawn display/field display etc.
  5.  Something “new” this year at your fair.

Judging Standards
  • .Quality of image: focus/angle of shot/lighting
  • .Content of image: category/appeal to viewer/Fair involvement
  • Educational Value: informative/ Promotional?
  • Fair identification---e.g.--ribbons/signs etc.

Winners will be announced at OAAS 2019 Convention
2nd -$16
3rd -$12
4th -$7
5th -$5