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 Hand Quilted Quilt


General Conditions

  •  Entries must be solely made and hand quilted by the exhibitor and exhibited and judged at a local Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS) to be eligible for this competition.

  • Entry quilts must be a minimum of 324” measured on the perimeter (smaller quilts will not be eligible to proceed to the next level of competition)

  • The winner’s name and pattern to be displayed at the Fair on sign provided by OAAS.

  • Judging will occur at local fairs and district levels. A Provincial Grand Champion Quilt will be selected at the Annual OAAS Convention.

  •  Upon making an entry into the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Quilt Competition, the Exhibitor agrees to participate in any promotional activities related to the competition.

The winning Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Champion Quilt will not be eligible to compete in any future District and/or Convention OAAS competition.

Local Fair Competition

Local fair is entitled to send only the Grand Champion Quilt, (min. 324” measured on the perimeter) judged the best of show of all hand quilted quilts to the District Competition.


If any entry wins GRAND CHAMPION or BEST of ALL ELIGIBLE QUILTS at more than one Fair, the other Fairs at which this quilt was entered and won, should enter their RESERVE CHAMPION or SECOND BEST OF SHOW OF ALL CLASSES quilt in the District Competition.


If an Exhibitor wins GRAND CHAMPION or BEST of SHOW of ALL ELIGIBLE quilts at other than his/her own fair, or at more than one Fair, the Exhibitor must consider the Agricultural Society nearest his/her home address as the one from which the quilt will be sent to the District meeting.

An Exhibitor who wins more than one Best of Show title with a different quilt at different Fairs shall be entitled to enter each winning quilt to compete at the District Competition.

Local Homecraft Divisions are requested to judge a GRAND CHAMPION or BEST of SHOW of all ELIGIBLE quilts. As well as RESERVE Grand Champion or SECOND Best of Show of all ELIGLIBLE quilts.

The GRAND CHAMPION and the RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION are judged from all first and second prize ELIGIBLE quilts.

District Competition

  1. Judging quilts at the District Competitions will be the responsibility of each OAAS District.
  2. The first place winning hand quilted quilt from the District Competition is eligible to enter the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Championship Quilt Competition at their Annual Convention. . In cases where the winner of the District First Prize Quilt decides not to enter the Final Championship Competition, the Second Prize quilt winner at the District Competition will be eligible.
  3. The Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies will award a ribbon and each district will award prize money of $25 for first Place, $15 for second and $10 for third place to exhibitors of winning hand quilted quilts at each District Competition.
  4. District results must be registered on the OAAS Championship Quilt Entry Form, returned to the OAAS c/o Vince Brennan, by December 1st​​
​​Provincial Competition

  1. Judges who officiate the Championship Quilt Competition at the Annual Convention will be appointed by the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies.

  2.  All quilts, entered in the competition must be hand quilted.

  3.  All quilt entries must be received for judging by the Competition Coordinator in the designated room between 7:30am to 8:30am on Friday of the Annual Convention of the OAAS.

  4. The Competition Coordinator will assign a number for each entry. Entries will only be identified by this number during the judging process.

  5. No Exhibitor shall be permitted to place or attach any Fair or other Exhibition identification on their quilt entry. Please remove all tags, ribbons, etc.

  6. No persons other than the judges and designated officials will be permitted to enter the designated judging room until after the quilt judging and winner has been announced.

  7. Any Exhibitor or any person acting on behalf of the Exhibitor who violates any of the Rules and Regulations or who interferes with the judges or the judging process, shall be disqualified and the quilt will be removed from the competition.

  8. No quilt exhibit shall be removed from the display viewing area until the official closing of the viewing room and designated time of pick up.

  9. The OAAS shall not be held liable for any loss occasioned by fire, theft, accident, condition of quilt, the negligence of other Exhibitors, officials or otherwise.

  10. Any protests must be made to the Homecraft Committee of the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies in writing within 5 working days after the last day of the Convention.

  11. The entry judged BEST of SHOW at the February Convention will be declared the OAAS CHAMPIONSHIP QUILT. A $500.00 GRAND PRIZE will be awarded and the Exhibitor will retain ownership of the quilt. A certificate and ribbon will also be awarded to the winner. A $100 RESERVE GRAND PRIZE will be awarded and the Exhibitor will retain ownership of the quilt.